My Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

£50 for 1 hour in person
£40 for low income

Personal Therapy can be a real investment in your future and contributes positively towards wellbeing and can enhance emotional intelligence. It is a completely unique experience and can be accessed by anyone willing to engage in a therapeutic process to begin new opportunities of awareness, connection and creativity.

Therapy can evoke shifts in behaviour and using body movement and reflectivity  can provide the means to a deeper sense of connection to yourself and others.

The session represents your own space and I support client-led process and reflection. So you are in the driving seat and your body is the vehicle to explore and reveal direction towards a deeper understanding in vebal psychotherapy. 

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Group Therapy Creative Workshops

£20 for 1 hour session
Closed groups booked in blocks of 8 weekly sessions

Group Therapy sessions are closed groups which meet together once a week over a fixed period of time. The group is a mutually supportive and confidential safe space shared by all members. A group-led therapeutic process is encouraged along with other methods of support which can include psycho-education and the exploration of creative techniques using body-based connectivity.

Group members often find common ground and work towards a deeper understanding of the self in relation to others. The process can be hugely beneficial for personal growth and as a means to move beyond thoughts and behaviours.

Group Therapy for Stress, Anxiety or Depression - Taster Session £15 

Wednesday 15th June 2022 at 12-1pm.


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Links with the Older Population

Dance Movement Therapy Group £45 for 45 minutes
Individual Sensory Sessions £45 for 3 individual 15 minute sessions

I provide group Dance Movement Therapy in residential care homes to support physical and emotional wellbeing. Sessions are gentle fun and supportive and are bespoke to the needs of the group. Group sessions take place in the lounge or activity room at the care home and require 2 members of care staff to be present during sessions.

Group sessions typically include:

Gentle chair based exercise

Creative movement and dance

Group connectivity through non-verbal activity

Sharing thoughts and feelings


Sensory and relaxation

Social contact and a shared sense of joy.

I also provide individual Sensory Sessions for those who are isolated due sensory impairment. These focus on body awareness and connectivity along with therapeutic support.

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Links with Schools

Dance Movement Therapy for Learning Difficulties and Autism

Dance Movement Therapy can be hugely beneficial to help adults and children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and for those who have specific behavioural needs or sensory impairments. The movement intervention and non-verbal aspect can enable unique opportunities for connectivity and communication whilst encouraging physical exercise and creative to support social and emotional development.

Group sessions are usually 1 hour or shorter depending on the needs of the group and are hosted in a school or community setting with disabled facilities.